Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ne-yo, the perfect gentleman.

Last night was by far the best night ever, a couple of us went to watch Ne-yo perform at the Velodrome in CPT and I must say this was one performance I will treasure for the rest of my life. Even though getting there was a hustle due to the heavy rains, this was one concert we weren't prepared to miss. We got there soaking wet but as soon as Ne-yo stepped on stage, all the water was shaken off.

The moment I saw yours truly on stage, I screamed my vocal cords out. His opening song was I just cant help myself, all I need is you...singing... I sang along like it was karaoke. All the ladies couldn't help but scream and go crazy. As for the brothers of course, they stood there with folded arms while we jumped up and down. The crowd was taken from one level to outtaspace when he performed single and he dedicated it to all the single ladies. The reason I'm calling him a gentleman is because of the way he accommodated everyone, from the singles to the couples, he even sang a birthday song to a woman in the crowd who waved its "my birthday" poster in the air. It was there and then, that I wished I was the birthday girl.

Another highlight was what he said before he performed hit song miss independent, he told women to buy their own drinks when they go out, lol!!! That sure got all the broke arse nigas jumping for joy.

Ne-yo also performed songs that he wrote for other artists like, take a bow and irreplaceable and had everybody sing along with him. His closing song was closer, I am telling you that his dance moves were breath-taking and back up dancers did him justice. I would quit my day job to be one of them, yummy!

Ok so the concert was mind-blowing and I went home hollering, but I was disappointed because make a circle bigger was not there, hai JR, I was really looking forward to his performance. Did I mention that Ne-yo threw his hat in the crowd? I wonder who caught it, what was interesting was the fact that he threw it facing the stage. Haha, so we now we know Ne-yo is bald, but we still love him. The concert was worth every penny, oh ja kana I got my tickets for free, thanx Gesh.

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